The cybersecurity recipe of tomorrow

Friday, March 24th 2023 | 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Brewery De Kroon, Neerijse


The cybersecurity recipe of tomorrow

Friday, March 24th 2023 | 10:00am – 2:30PM
Brewery De Kroon, Neerijse

Simac, Rubrik and NetApp join forces to answer the cybersecurity questions of today and tomorrow. As security experts, we invite you on 24th March to guide you through the digital possibilities. Interesting speakers will bring innovation solutions and Change Trailblazer Jan Paesen will emphasise the power of data with his keynote.

At 10:00 am you are warmly welcomed in Brewery De Kroon, recognised as a monument in 2003, it is one of the last artisanal breweries in Flanders with full equipment. It is a place where special beers are guarded, conceived, made and drunk and therefore it is the ideal setting for this inspiring day. We hope to welcome you there so that we can discover the ingredients of cybersecurity, and a nice beer, together.





Simac multilayer protection concept

Steven de Prins, Presales manager & MT member Simac


Why NetApp for cybersecurity?

Rein Dreesen, System Engineer NetApp


Rubrik’s next big thing in ransomware recovery

Willem van Engeland,  SE Service Provider NEUR Rubrik


Viva: What if an algorithm could brew beer?

Jan Paesen, Creative Entrepreneur, Change Trailblazer, People Lifter




Guided tour: brewery De Kroon


Steven de Prins

Presales manager &
MT member Simac

As a unique partner in the Belgian IT landscape, Simac, with its end-to-end offering, can provide an answer to the most complex security and infrastructure questions of today. Their integrated multi-layer security concept highlights all facets and aligns them with each other. During his presentation, Steven de Prins mentions the 5 pillars on which the concept is built: plan, prevent, detect, react and recover.

Rein Dreesen

System Engineer NetApp

As organisations expand their investmens in the cloud, their protection and security demands extra vigilance. NetApp’s goes far beyond just securing the perimeter and the endpoints. Rein Dreesen takes you through NetApp’s solutions for your cyber security and puts an end to data loss and downtime.

Willem van Engeland

SE Service Provider NEUR Rubrik

When ransomware strikes, 58% of businesses are out of play for over a month. Willem van Engeland aims to prevent this and shows why air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups are the best way to secure your data. He will also show what actions are needed to quickly restore your apps and files while also preventing re-infection by malware.

Jan Paesen

Creative Entrepreneur, Change Trailblazer, People Lifter

Entrepreneur Jan Paesen built the online community Beerhive with thousands of beer fans and launched a sparkling wine with grapes based on the collected data. This alternative to champagne was created by comparing the data of all beer flavor profiles and suggesting a flavor combination that had not yet been brewed. Or: how data can also enhance our experience.


Brouwerij De Kroon
Beekstraat 20
3040 Neerijse


After the business session I will also join:

Simac ICT België (BPIM)
Arthur De Coninckstraat 5, B-3070 Kortenberg, Belgium